It’s the central area of your home, where everyone ends up gathering, even if the space is tiny to begin with! Yet, somehow this room ends up with lots of activity, when you aren’t really planning on entertaining there. We’re talking about the kitchen.

Fortunately, there are changes you can make that create the illusion of more space, without adding actual square footage.

White Paint

White paint is the easiest way to make your kitchen appear larger. But, don’t stop with the walls. When you carry the white theme to your cabinets, countertops and ceilings, something interesting happens. It creates a naturally bright seamless space.

Finish the room with white crown molding, adding depth and more visual interest.

Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets instantly update your kitchen and make it appear larger. It tricks the eye, pulling attention inside the glass cabinets, which adds depth to the room. To pull this off, however, you need to keep the cabinet contents colored coordinated and well organized.

Clutter in glass cabinets will counter what you’re trying to achieve, making the room appear smaller and more disorganized.

Play with Light

Natural light creates an open fee in your kitchen. A home designer can evaluate your kitchen, for opportunities to replace or add windows that enhance the appearance of the room. However, if new windows aren’t an option, you can maximize your existing light by not using many window treatments.

Valances or opaque shades are excellent options, allowing light to easily enter the room.

Extend Space

Make your kitchen appear larger with one simple kitchen renovation: removing part of a wall. This vastly opens up your kitchen, and makes the space more entertainment friendly; allowing you to talk with guests while preparing meals.

Plus, consider flooring changes. For example, floor patterns that create diagonal lines offer a longer appearance to the room.

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