An island is the focal point of your kitchen. This space offers increased functionality, with features like extra prep space and hidden nooks to stash small appliances. And, with multiple cooks in the kitchen, this extra space is a necessity rather than a luxury!

However, before selecting a kitchen island, it’s important to ensure the island you pick offers the right functionality for your situation.

The Right Size Island

Here’s the first, and most important question. Do you have enough space for a kitchen island? Let’s find out. Measure your kitchen, ensuring the room is at least 8 feet deep by 12 feet in length.

Also, select the right size island. This kitchen focal point should be at least 4 feet long. This way, you can still move around the kitchen freely without feeling cramped. Need help? A kitchen renovation expert can measure your kitchen, ensuring you get the perfect size island.

Height and Seating

Here’s the great thing about a kitchen island. You can use it for prep space AND extra seating. Some islands offer dual height, which is perfect for extra seating. Select a 28 to 30 inch counter for use with a chair. Select a 28 to 42 inch counter for use with a bar stool. And, opt for a 36 inch counter for a lower stool.

Storage Space

Select an island with lots of cabinet space. Plus, maximize every inch of cabinet space by installing storage sliders, which allow you to use both the front and back of island cabinet space.

Also, make sure there’s enough room to store the items you need most during prep time. For example, deep drawers for pots and pans and areas to store spices during preparation is a huge plus. Also, don’t forget to ensure there’s room for storing small appliances for preparation, such as mixers and food processors.

Island Lighting

Do you plan on using your island for food preparation? If so, don’t forget to think about lighting. Select lighting that shines directly on the island. Recessed lighting is a good option, and easy to install if your ceilings are standard height.

For higher ceilings, you can install a fixture or pendant light, which hangs from the ceiling.

Need help selecting an island that offers maximum functionality? We’re happy to help! Our luxury home builders are pros at making improvements that maximize the functionality and space of your kitchen. For more information, simply call 678.480.8099 today!


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