Are you moving into a loft apartment? Or, perhaps, you’re thinking of loft apartment home improvements. No matter your situation – you face the same dilemma, “How should I design this new space”? Unlike a traditional space, loft apartments offer an open layout, little to no walls – and super tall ceilings.

It’s exciting AND overwhelming! After all, a loft apartment is like a totally blank canvas – and you’re starting from scratch! Here’s a cheat sheet for getting started!

Divide your Space…Creatively

An open layout is one of the many great benefits of a loft apartment. But, with open space, you’ll need to add creative barriers; dividing the different living areas. For example, glass walls create a space divider –without losing an open feeling. Or, differentiate space by using more than one flooring type.

You can also take a multi-level approach, to divide spaces. Even raising your floor a couple inches, for a different living area, creates a nice barrier. Another option is hanging fabric screens from your ceiling to define new spaces.

Lighting Contrast

Loft apartments feel open, warm and airy. And, you can play up these natural attributes, with the lighting you select. Track lights work well for loft apartments. Or, take advantage of high ceilings with fun chandeliers or pendant lights over your dining area.

Selecting Color

Normally, you’d select different color pallets, for each room. But, when designing a loft apartment – you do things differently. A loft needs one color palette. But, why? Since the space is open, all colors are visible – making the use of too many colors, an issue.

Use neutral colors, like white, taupe and beige. Or, you can go bold – with splashes of bright colors, which blend nicely with natural hues.

Loft Apartments and Storage

How will your personal items, fit into your new loft apartment? Not sure? Storage helps with this. When purchasing furniture for your new space, select items that do double duty. Select furniture with built in storage; making organization a little easier.

Loft Flooring

Thinking of hardwood floors, for your loft apartment? It’s a good choice. But, think about this. Using warm, cozy, throw rugs, helps define living areas – and keeps your feet warm in the morning. With hardwood floors, you’ll also notice more echoing in your apartment. If this bothers you, opt for carpet.

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