Books take up space. They collect dust. And worst of all, without organization, they’re difficult to find. But, you love to read. So, what’s the best solution? Convert unused space, like a basement, into a comfortable and relaxing library!

Don’t have a ton of space? Don’t worry. There’s a misconception…that you need lots of square footage to create a functional library. This isn’t true. If fact, we’ve seen homeowners use basements, to create amazing libraries.

Think Comfort…

A library isn’t just about creating organization for your books. It’s about more. A basement library provides an opportunity to create a comfortable space to relax and read.

Think about your local bookstore or coffee house. They have big comfortable chairs, soft carpets and a warm cozy feeling. You can achieve this, in unused basement space.

Flooring Options

Design is about personality. So, for your basement library, do what makes you comfortable. Some people use hard wood flooring, to create a rich feeling in the room. Then, top the flooring with soft cozy throw rugs to create additional dimension.

Another great basement flooring option is ceramic tile. It’s easy to install in a basement library – and simple to clean.

Library Shelving

A library wouldn’t be complete, without places for your books. Install shelving on all your walls, with the exception of one. This creates an open feeling in your basement library. A professional contractor can install floor to ceiling shelves.

For added charm, install a slide ladder; helping you reach books on the highest shelves. Plus, take a tip from bookstores – and place a few books facing outward on the shelving. It gives your library a professional look.

The Finishing Touches…

A library wouldn’t be complete, without library furniture. Purchase a couple cozy reading chairs. Spend some time in the chairs. Make sure they’re comfortable for hours of reading…before purchasing. Place end tables between the chairs, to hold beverages and food. Think coffee shop reading!

Do you have a home office? Here’s another thought. Put a desk in the corner – so you can get work done in the daytime…and curl up and read a book at night.

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