Doing laundry isn’t fun. Actually, it’s rare that anyone truly enjoys this household chore. But, if you have to do laundry (and let’s face it, we all do) – it’s possible to make it more pleasant.

Think about this. Renovate a portion of your basement into an organized laundry room. The necessary plumbing is already there; making this type of renovating project easy!

Is your laundry room already in the basement? No problem. Give your existing laundry room a facelift…for a more organized and comfortable feel. Best of all, revamping your laundry room offers more appeal, if you ever decide to sell your home.

Laundry Room Lighting

Does your basement feel dark? Solving this problem is easier than you think. Simply boost the amount of lighting in the room. Replace overhead lighting with recessed lighting; offering an amazing amount of brightness in the room.

Want even more light in your basement laundry room? Refresh the room with a new coat of paint. Select vibrant light colors, to make your basement laundry room brighter.

Laundry Room Flooring

It’s the basement. Accidents happen. Laundry soap spills, things get flooded and damp laundry lingers. These problems are simply no fun with carpet. But, clean ups are much easier with ceramic tile. Plus, it conceals dirt. Also, if you have leftover ceramic tile supplies, your contractor can use excess to tile sinks or countertops.

Functional Shelving

Let’s assume your contractor has framed and sheet rocked your new basement laundry room. Here’s something else to consider…that makes doing laundry easier. Shelving. Special shelving allows you to stack, organize and manage your laundry.

Your contractor can even build a wall mounted ironing board, keeping the space free of clutter and more organized. Or, a pull out table, for folding clothing.

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